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Technology Consultants : What do they do? And how ‘tech’ do you need to be?

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Technology Consultants
Technology Consultants

Technology Consultants : What do they do? And how ‘tech’ do you need to be?

Technology Consultants |  Supervisor Olympia Newman takes us right into the globe of Technology Speaking with, and shares her experience as a lady in technology up until now.

As their title may recommend, Technology Specialists deal with customers to assist them change the way they use technology. Typically, these changes have been tailored towards improving business processes, decreasing costs, maximising use technology opportunities, and more. Today, they include a lot more – from electronic strategy to technology change jobs. As technology quickly develops, this location of work is ending up being progressively important to ensure the future development of organisations worldwide.

Currently you might be wondering what kind of individuals succeed here? Well it might surprise you to know that it is much less about what level you examined, and more to do with your ability to see how ‘things’ could be done better. Not so certain? Satisfy Olympia Newman.

Olympia originates from a more unique academic history compared to what you might anticipate from someone in a tech-driven role. Perhaps it was because of the “technology industry being pretty male-dominated” or because “colleges at the moment were doing a great deal to motivate ladies to work”, but carrying out technology studies had not been on her radar as a trainee. She finished with a Bachelor of Design and handled an teaching fellowship with a popular style publication. Unsatisfied by this, she started looking for a brand-new profession course. Fortuitously, she landed in technology work – where she found her real passion lay.

“Helping a popular style publication was my dream job, but I quickly realised it was much from the attractive picture I had in my
. I decided to find a brand-new course, and I was pretty available to what this was. I used for any job that looked fascinating and, by coincidence, I wound up with a technology startup in the monetary contrast space as a developer. It had not been lengthy before I began handling more backend work such as advertisement optimisation.”

From here, Olympia gained experience “functioning throughout a couple of various technologies” and finished a Masters in Interactions Technology in the process. This diverse blend of work and academic experience empowered her to obtain an especially varied ability. It is also what eventually led to her signing up with us in Technology Speaking with.
“With an non-traditional education and learning, a Bachelor of Design, I never ever once thought that I’d wind up at among the Big 4 professional solutions companies!”

Since signing up with, she’s realised that academic variety is actually something accepted by the group.
“I think we truly worth individuals that take effort and can see how something could be done better and run with it. We’re an extremely varied group in regards to thinking, we have individuals that are highly logical, individuals that are innovative, individuals that are big thinkers, and individuals that are process orientated.”

Particularly, Olympia rests within our Salesforce practice, which specialises in assisting customers “change sales and marketing processes and client experiences” through the system.

“I deal with customers to assist produce better experiences for their customers. I work client-facing, being in a client’s workplace and functioning with them to appearance at how they can use technology to produce richer experiences. We copulate from assisting customers to determine their requirements, to building and providing technology solutions.”

Having actually never ever planned to earn a relocation right into professional solutions, Olympia says she’s happy that she did and worths the deepness of opportunities to work on significant jobs – both client-facing and her own.

“I’ve dealt with everything from enterprise customers, consisting of large telecommunications companies and global car companies, to health and wellness and technology startups. Having actually the power of a large firm behind you means you obtain the opportunity to be involved with some very transformative customer and social jobs.”
“PwC also provides the opportunity to provide your time to impactful social jobs. In 2015, I volunteered time to a health and wellness technology start-up and functioned to assist improve the nourishment of Australians with impairments.”

She’s also volunteered with organisation Code such as a Woman to assist connect and advertise ladies pursuing professions in the technology industry – something she’s grown to be especially enthusiastic about.

“It is great to be sustaining an organisation that advertises ladies, but I also obtain a great deal from it myself. It is motivating listening to about the amazing professions of ladies in the industry, plus it is also simply a great deal of enjoyable too!”

“I’m very aware that not everybody is as fortunate to have a work environment that’s freely having actually conversations about D&I such as our firm, and I think it is important to be singing about these discussions so that it becomes the standard and not a taboo topic.”

So, what’s Olympia’s advice to other girls looking to path blaze professions in formerly male-dominated locations of work such as Technology?
“I think as a girls going into any male-dominated industry, it is important to be on your own. Do not try and change to in shape an ideal that you think is approved. Actually, it is your distinction and originality that make you stand apart and include worth at the office.”

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